Saturday, May 24, 2008

Fun Times at our Deer Camp

IT was so funny seeing my big brother on that little 4-wheeler. He just about didn't fit, LOL. From top left, my brother Gerald (older than me, haha he will love me for that comment), bottom left, my neice (Jaime) and great neice (Aniston) and center is my oldest brother (James). The kids (small and big) had a blast taking rides on the 4-wheeler, scooters and golf cart. Noone got a picture of it, sure wish they had, at one time I had 3 kids, 2 labs and me on the golf cart and let me tell you it was a load. LOL, the furbabies (Maggie & Carlye) kept pushing one of the girls out of the seat and well, Maggie and Carlye would not budge from their seats right up front and center, so I put the kids in the back of the golf cart. Ha what a site.

Now that's a pair of ummmmmmmmmmmmm hehehe maybe I won't get killed when they see this ooopsssssss, sowwy, thought I had a different pic, LOL.

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