Sunday, February 15, 2009

´¯`*♥*´¯`Yoda Man´¯`*♥*´¯`

I think my mom has gone nuts, lol. She had decided she wanted a Yorkie puppy after seeing one a friend had. Now mind you, this is my mom, the one who always said I don't want no durn dog. LOL, she says that everytime she comes to my house and sees my spoiled rotten furbabies. Of course my furbabies are huge compared to the one she decided to get. After we searched the internet looking for Yorkies to adopt and calling around to anyone we could find that had Yorkies, I remember'd once when I went to the local hospital, one of the ladies who does the pre-registration, had Yorkies for sale. So the next time I had to go to the doctor I stopped in to see BJ. I ask if she still had Yorkies and that my mom was interested in maybe getting one. Well she really did not have any for sale at this time, but she talked about the ones she had and she said she did have one that she would be willing to sell. She told me all about Yoda Man and he sounded perfect (other than being a boy, cause mom wanted a girl). Mom wanted a small dog, the one her friend has was very small but she was a 1 month old puppy too. So after mom went and looked at another puppy we found online, we went to see Yoda. The poor little thing is only about 1-1/2 lbs. He is soooooo tiny you can hold him in one hand. But oh my how cute he is. And mom decided he was the one for her. So we loaded up Yoda and headed home with him. I think you will agree, he is one realllyyyyyyyy handsome Little Man...........................

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Peyton James finally arrived!!!

Well after a long stressful unpatient wait, little man Peyton finally decided he would join us in this world. Poor Holly, I know she was so ready to have him born and have him in her arms. Peyton was a healthy (big) 9lb 10oz beautiful baby boy. I have to say I am very late getting this posted as he was born Dec 30th 2008. Shame on me, I know, I should have had this posted the day he was born. We are all so very proud of him and his mommy and daddy. Aniston, his big sister (not so big, lol she will be 3 in March), already is having those jealous but proud sister moments. She had been a big help to her mommy with Peyton and I hope she will continue to be the protective sister that she is now.